MUCK University

Today a Newbie, Tomorrow a Wizard...

Tired of being just another name on the WHOlist? Take your MUCKing career to the next level at UNIVERSITY MUCK.

At MUCK U, we are committed to helping MUCKers develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive world of MUCK administration today.

Our innovative, three-tiered system is designed to help you reach your full MUCKing potential and elevate you to a level far above the average user. You'll not only learn what you need to know to offer yourself up as more than a 'PR Wiz'. With an education from MUCK U, you'll have the tools to provide what MUCK adminstrators REALLY need.

Flexibility is key! Learn only as much as you wish to know. Our comprehensive programs in MUCK Building, MUF and MPI programming, and Administration are designed to allow you to learn up to what you want to know. You can quit anytime!

Don't take our word for it. See what our almuni have to say:

"For two years, I was just another name on the WHOlist. The only girls who would talk to me were genderbenders and yiff-nuts. Today I'm a MUCK U graduate and I hold admin positions on three games. I have my choice of women -- REAL women. Thank you, MUCK U!"
--Bob "Belgarath" Robertson

For years I've dreamed of running a MUCK of my own, but the building commands had me stumped. Within only a few weeks of starting my studies at MUCK U, I had mastered them and was building towns, cities, entire realms! True, other players rarely explore enough to view my work, but the pure joy of creation is mine nonetheless. Thank you, MUCK U!
-- Tim