Event Driven Programs (Connect, Disconnect, Arrive, Depart, HeartBeat)

Correct way to troubleshoot such a program is to create an action as follows:

  1. @action Queued event.=me
  2. @link Queued event.=<my program to test>

The part "Queued event." is very precise. The case matters if you are going to imitate what the muck sets the command variable to exactly. The period must be included. Okay, then when you need to test the program you must include the event type on the stack as follows:

Event Type Test Command
Connect Event Queued event. Connect
Disconnect Event Queued event. Disconnect
Arrive Event Queued event. Arrive
Depart Event Queued event. Depart
Heartbeat pulse Event Queued event. HeartBeat

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