Muck Book: Basic Syntax and Terminology

The frame below is a direct link into the book available in the game. Note that the chapter letters are clickable and will take you to the respective chapters.

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Missing HTTP header on direct link MUCK books?

papa's picture

This Web interface for MUCK documents is a great idea, but for all of these building documents the frame contains nothing but raw (unrendered) HTML. Is it possible the script is failing to put an HTTP header (for example, "Content Type: text/html") on the first output line?

Sadly, it no longer works

Feaelin's picture

Sadly, it no longer works because a recent trend in browser security blocks cross-domain iframes. I've had no time to come up with an alternate approach, so its been sitting there all mangled for a few months. :(.

Sorry I missed it

papa's picture

It sounds like a neat feature that came and went during my "sabbatical" away from MUCK University. I didn't think I'd been away that long.

Do the building guides get updated very often? If not, what about putting copies of the raw text here on the Web site? Working through the tutorials interactively on the MUCK is great the first time, but having a static copy on the Web would be very useful for future reference and review.

By the way, very nice job on the MUCK U. and Narnia MUCK Web site face-lifts.

Any objections ...

papa's picture

... if I implement my own suggestion?

A sample:

If there's no objections, I can either host the files on my site and publish a list of links here, or I can import the files as Web site content.

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